Genius blogger or bored as hell?

June 6, 2008

All of the above. If I had the patience to make a venn diagram, I’d be at the center – the overlap, indicating that both the larger circles apply to me. Yvanka: genius blogger, bored as hell.

I had lovely sushi for lunch. I was full then. I am empty now, and my sustenance choices are as follows:

a) snickers
b) chips and salsa
c) cottage cheese (past the eat-by date)
d) the last little end of a pretty disgusting protein bar

Well, indulging in a snickers is out, as I’m going to the gym later and it’s really less than desirable to fat fat fatty out pre-workout… I’d rather be at a negative calorie balance. The chips and salsa sound damn fantastic, but I am awful at quittin’ while I’m ahead. I love chips and salsa. So much.

Expired cottage cheese: ew. The protein bar it is!

Oh, god, except no one cares what I had for lunch. I even read a reference to Maggie Mason‘s book today, and I’m still telling y’all what I had for lunch. Okay, something of substance, rescue this post!

I’m the maid of honor – matron of matrons – in the wedding of a good friend this summer.  It’s the first time I’ve actually been in a wedding as an adult and I’m immediately catapulted into the top position of female-friend responsibility.  WHAM!  Glad to do it, pleased as punch to be there for my friend.  Excited for the festivities, the gathering, the sentiment, the open bar.  Also, I’m amused at the fact that I don’t yet have the right to marry in Washington State.  Cool.

Oh, and, regarding the recent kerfuffle about same-sex public displays of affection at Safeco Field: I don’t want to see anybody ‘making out’ or ‘groping’ in a public place.  Hand-holding, yes.  Affectionate glances, yes.  Gentle and tender touching in the spirit of love and innocence, yes.  Otherwise, everyone, keep it to yourselves!

There was a student here just this past year who would full-stop in the hallways and suck face with her boyfriend.  It was just disgusting.  Horrifying.  Hideous.  Heterosexual.  NOBODY should be so discourteous as to assault my senses with your nasty kissy-face games.

And that’s where I stand on the issue.


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