How my job is.

June 10, 2008

You know what solves the problem of sweating through your shirt? Wearing a black cardigan. Ding! Handled.

My job has become a downer recently. It’s not the work itself – that’s the same old pulling information from one spreadsheet to organize only slightly differently in a more complex spreadsheet. It’s the people. I love ’em, and that’s what makes my job suck. What? I know, bizarro.

It’s that I’m a naturally sympathetic person. Last night, my good friend’s junior high choir performed Aladdin, Jr. – and at the end, the most suave kidlet in the show came forth, called her onto the stage, and gave her a big bouquet of flowers. She immediately started crying. And the moment I saw that she was crying, I lost my shit.

Maybe that gives you an idea of my special brand of sympathetic response.

So when the office is full of dread and apprehension and the general pall of depression over my beloved fellow employees, I adopt some of it for my own. Well, first, I try to banish it with some rays of sunshine and happiness and glory, and as many puppies and rainbows and upbeat Indigo Girls songs I can find. But then, when it just won’t leave, I relent. I take it home, nurse it to full health and bring it back to the office the next day. I do try to leave it in the car, but it can tell that it has a fresh counterpart in the office, so it slips past me and runs to join the land of bummer that is my work environment just now. I imagine the atmosphere as a diaphanous ghost-puppy, melting into the general gloom not unlike the way a droplet of water is subsumed by a puddle.

Waaah-waaaaaaaah. I’m super fun to be around right now, could you tell?

Something positive this way comes: soon, I promise. But for now, I seek some sort of lunchfood. And, if I can find it, a dose of optimism, so I don’t fling myself out the first-story window to a certain doom compromised-ankle situation.



One Response to “How my job is.”

  1. GlitterPaintPony Says:

    Whoa. Diaphanous Ghost-Puppy. Great band name.

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