I love my job: #1

June 12, 2008

I have the pleasure of providing morning coffee for a wonderfully gruff and weathered man. He’s an artist, with a shock of long, unruly silver-grey hair and a delightfully decadent moustache. He comes in to my office daily now, covered in clay dust, sleeves rolled up, carrying his big handmade mug. I’m sure that he’s older than he looks – and he looks if he would be just at comfortable at the wheel of a ship as he is at his potter’s wheel. He reminds me of my father, in that he can be simultaneously pleasant and stern – both intimidating and kind – and I can’t help but smile every time he comes through the door.

2 Responses to “I love my job: #1”

  1. […] sad.  There have been four sweet puppies running around my building recently, all belonging to the artist I mentioned before… but one of them, dear thing, had a stroke last night, and they don’t yet know […]

  2. […] job, a part-time job and full-time grad school.  Shhh.)  No, but seriously.  This wonderful  artist (he made this bowl) offered to teach me how to play with clay, and even though I’m a busy […]

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