Sorry to be such a downer.

June 19, 2008

Hey, reader. Whoever you might be. Sorry about being a total bummer. In rereading my last posts and imagining myself as someone who doesn’t know… myself… (nice) YEARGH you know what? Let’s just start over.

A lot of shitty things happen but that doesn’t mean I have to tell you about them EXCLUSIVELY. Sorry about that. Eventually I will blow shiny rainbows out my butt and sprinkle fairy dust and puppy smiles on them.

But, speaking of puppies, first I have another dose of sad. There have been four sweet puppies running around my building recently, all belonging to the artist I mentioned before… but one of them, dear thing, had a stroke last night, and they don’t yet know what’ll happen to him. Poor sweet baby. If you would please keep little Ben in your thoughts, if you can spare a moment for a darling dog-cub.

Okay, while I was typing that sentence, the artist came in to tell me that Ben is feeling much better, that he was the liveliest dog in the puppy hospital this morning and that he can’t wait to come home to his family. The power of blogging, y’all!

Or maybe the Universe would really just like me to perk up, eh? Done and done, Universe! Thanks much for the favor. Now, what can you do for my wonderful boss-lady?


3 Responses to “Sorry to be such a downer.”

  1. Laquesha LoveGoddess Says:

    Oh yay for happy, healthier puppies! There’s nothing quite as sad as an ill puppy. 😦

  2. yvanka Says:

    Except perhaps a crying unicorn.

  3. GlitterPaintPony Says:

    Or a duckling with low self-esteem.

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