June 25, 2008

As per Glitter Paint Pony.

  1. This morning, for breakfast, I ate a greek-style strawberry yoghurt that stayed out in the car for almost two hours, only kept cold by the slow freeze leeching from the thawing Trader Joe’s vegetable masala patties.
  2. I bought Nordic Berries because they taste good and now I am worried about potentially overdosing on tasty child vitamins because I want nothing more than to go out to my car, where they live, and eat a handful.
  3. I have an exam – a big exam, worth 80% of my grade – due on Sunday, at 5pm. I have not started. And I will probably do a better job for having waited than I would have done otherwise.
  4. I spend hours of my day on Gmail chat instead of working, but it seems legit because some of my colleagues are on Gmail chat and my lovely boss-lady knows that I use it to bespeak them about work-things.  Sometimes.  But mostly, not.

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