How it is tonight.

June 26, 2008

I am a ridiculous girl when it comes to lady-crushes, in that I am only interested in women who are twice my age*. I know, what? But they are always classy, beautiful, statuesque, elegant, lovely, sophisticated women. Intelligent, authoritative… completely deserving of a lady-crush. Even if I wasn’t of the persuasion that appreciates ladies, I would have lady-crushes on these women. Age isn’t anything but a number, I hear. But still, twice my age is kind of an intense difference.

Man, thinking about this, it’s been the case for celebrity crushes, too. My main celebrity lady-crush is the incomparable Alison Janney. Oh, my gosh, Alison Janney is so incredibly sexy. CJ Cregg, holy cow. You can run my press corps any day. Hee! No, that’s silly. I take it back. Plus, you’re a fictional character. But picture Alison Janney and you’re picturing a pretty decent stereotype of the sort of woman to whom I find myself attracted – tall, strong features, classic beauty. (Was that the correct usage of whom? I bet Alison Janney could tell me.)

I’ve been watching the L Word and there’s this one introductory sequence that is also indicative of my attraction to the older woman.  Watch this – let it load, and then immediately after the previouslies – (1:00-3:10) you’ll see what I’ma talking ’bout.  Not so much Helena of the strappy-shirt and weird low cup-bra, but beautiful, elegant Isabelle the concerned therapist.  (Full disclosure: this clip involves both swearing and lady-kissing.  But you could probably open the video and watch it on silent for a minute to get an idea of what I’m talking about.)

Why does it matter, you are asking yourselves, what sort of ladies this Yvanka has an interest in?

Honestly, I don’t know.  It doesn’t really matter at all, but for that I know all of my friends’ typesGlitterPaintPony usually likes the slim, pale, nerdy, funny boys, though she has been known to branch out.  SaucyGrrl of No Woman’s Land liked emotionally unavailable boys with one particular name, ’til she met her husband and went off the market.  Cat enjoys the company of – again – nerdy boys who play vids.  I like tall, elegant women.  So there that is. 

Just, you know, another step towards equality.  Girls talk about boys, I might talk about… more girls.  Thar ye be.

Oh, how is this relevant to the title?  Yeah, I thought you might ask. 

I might have developed a little crush on my professor.

She might be sixty.

I know.




*but for a single outlying experience last fall, which I simultaneously regret and cherish.


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