Rain check.

June 26, 2008

There are so many things that I want to do that I have to put off, always tomorrow.

I want to go see a movie, get my nails done, go for a long walk.
I want to write a card, made a necklace, copy a poem and give it to a friend.
I want to take voice lessons again. I want to present a recital.
I want to audition for a show, and get a part in a show.  I want to perform in a show.
I want to play the mandolin.

I want the time to do little household things, like my laundry.  I want to clean out my closet and my cedar chest and donate my old prom dresses to donatemydress.org and get rid of all of that goddamn sheet music for songs I will never sing or teach again.  I want to de-clutter my life.  I want to clean out my car and recycle all of those old glass bottles.  I want to go and visit Grandma’s grave.  I want to have coffee and catch up with so many people – Jer, Anna, Squeezebean, Mrs. Bryant.

I want a vacation – to take an afternoon off, by myself, and drive as far as my little Subaru will take me.

I want to take a ceramics class and learn to make beautiful things like this.

Point Defiance Slip


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