June 29, 2008

Some things about my BFF.

  • Yesterday, I had her convinced that I steal hymnals from churches.  (I don’t.)
  • She thinks she’s flabby.  (She’s not.)
  • She needs to take her car in to the repair place ’cause he’s breaking a little and I’m worried that it’s going to rumble apart at the seams or jump forward of his on volition and get her into an accident and that would ruin my whole day.
  • She’s sitting at a table behind me on a first date with a guy she met on the internet, and she seems to be enjoying herself reasonably well.  We are pretending that we do not know each other.  (We do.)  This guy is be-bearded – not unattractively so, but… sort of more mountain-mannish than her usual type.  (See: my previous treatise on type.)  If either of them had exceptionally excellent eyesight, they might be able to see that I am BLOGGING ABOUT THEM OMG.
  • I’m pretty sure that, according to the bible, she’s the Devil’s Whore.

Forever and ever to the glory of Jesus our Lord and Savior ’til the end of time and the beginnings of new time and the light everlasting and the footsteps of kittens yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.



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