It doesn’t take much to get me excited.

July 1, 2008

I put a batch of bridal shower invitations in the mail yesterday at 4:30pm. I just found out that they’ve ALREADY reached their destinations. Or, um, pretty close.

I just got a call from a number I didn’t recognize, and the woman on the other end forewent all formalities. As follows:

Me: Hello?


Me: …um! Yes! This is she?

Her: You don’t know me and I don’t know you!

Me: …

Her: But I have a bridal shower invitation with your name and phone number on it!

Me: Oh! Okay, great!

Her: Not so much! You see, it’s come to me by mistake. It’s my address on the envelope, but not my name. Perhaps your one looks like a seven? It’s sort of smashed into this zero.

Me: Oh. Alright, thank you for calling!



… so, yeah. I think that was the very best possible way I could have discovered that the invitations have reached their destinations. Or their pseudo-destinations.



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