Crawling along the rainswept road.

July 28, 2008

Last night, I had a difficult dream.

I was driving a grey van, but it wasn’t traditional driving – it was more like pulling myself along the highway by my hands.  It was difficult and toilsome and backbreaking work to get the van up the road (for at some points, the road was truly vertical) and I continued to encounter roadblocks and detours and frickin’ angry CATS and, at one point, a fence made of chicken wire.

And then I pulled up alongside a girl doing the same thing I was.  I had my head to the ground though, and I had lost all pretext of ‘driving’ – it was just plain climbing – and she had to ask me twice for directions before I noticed she was right next to me, doing the same thing I was.

The weather changed, and instead of digging my hands into the cracks in the concrete, I was pulling on big flowers and blinking against the bright sunlight.

I hope this means I’ma get a girlfriend.



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