Letters of irritation.

August 5, 2008

Dear Professor,

You know, it would be a lot easier for me to help you if your presence in the office didn’t grate on my boss-lady so much.  You grate on my nerves, too – I don’t think you know any other way to be – but you are just so insufferably rude and difficult with my boss-lady that I adopt a defensive posture every time I hear your voice.

And then!  The other thing!  Every time I tell you something – University policy, procedure, fucking SPELLING – it’s like it goes in one of your ears and immediately out of the other.  You cannot listen!  And then you are  Wrong with a capital W!  Again!  Every time!  Will you never learn?

You frustrate me!  Working with you is sincerely maddening!

Sincerely maddened,



Dear Student Employee,

I can tell when you’re lying, and when you try and cover your ass you don’t do a very impressive job.  You didn’t make any progress, as evidenced by the lack of progress, and I know more about tracking adjustments and changes to documents than you do.  By a lot.  So when you lie to me, then lie again, and then I sort-of call you on it but you try and cover your ass, and then you try to get out of proving it, and then when you DO submit ‘evidence’ but it’s got a fatal flaw – well, my darling, I can’t trust you.  I’m just not sure how to go about asking why, in fact, you lied.

And there it is.

Your boss,


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