Thank you for opening.

August 14, 2008

I am tired and I don’t want to think in sentences. However, I must point out the following important things for the good of mankind:

-It is ridiculous for the NBC Olympic Spotlight things to use background music poached from Last of the Mohicans or Braveheart or whichever epic Hollywood film I’ve mixed up on my four hours of sleep, especially when profiling the Chinese artist who designed the logo for the Olympics.

-It is a really excellent idea to take your oldest underpants on a road trip, and just chuck ’em when you change ’em.

-It is important to recall that, when travelling east, you LOSE TIME.  If you expect that your drive will last ten hours, you are correct… unless you cross two time zones.  Goddamnit.

-When I left work on Monday, I told my boss to call me if she needed anything.  She protested mightily, declaring that she wouldn’t bother me – this was my vacation!  Everybody can wait, it’s not important.  I said it was alright, go ahead, I’d answer my phone for her.

She’s called six times already.  Ha!

-The iPhone and AT&T 3G network is totally functional and helpful and awesome from Seattle, Washington to Bozeman, Montana, and from Albert Lea, Minnesota, on to Peoria, Illinois.  Bozeman to Albert Lea is a fucking wasteland of disastrous proportions when it comes to service or connectivity.  Luckily, the entire trip went like this:

EAST on I-90



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