About my x365 project.

August 28, 2008

So, x365!

I don’t write here enough, and this will at least give me a feasible reason (a feason?) to make a damn effort daily, within a prescribed formula.  I tend to be successful with formulas (see: standardized test scores), and since I have two handy helpers in GlitterPaintPony, who is joining me, and in WordPress’ schedule feature… I should have a decent chance at success!

My formula is 50×365 – that is, fifty words, no more, no less, for each of three-hundred and sixty-five people.  I’ve written my list (with a few extras, just in case I decide that no, I don’t really want to write about you after all).  I’ve given a few select folks pseudonyms, I’ve alphabetized ’em all and I’ve written and scheduled my first few posts.

I’m excited.  I’m sure that eventually I’ll lose my shit about it, but at this moment, I’m pretty excited.  Wish me luck!


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