Soon and very soon.

September 1, 2008

This morning, my already-written first few posts of my x365 will start auto-posting.  (Look, there it is!)

As it turns out, this exercise has already been informative beyond my expectations.  Thus far, I’ve written and scheduled about twenty posts, and I’ve gone with my first instinct for each of them, making it into a sort of word-association process.  I’ve surprised myself with the first (and potentially most important) things I’ve remembered about each of these folks.


I was feeling a little down yesterday, so to cheer myself up, I planned to make a fairly impromptu big fancy dinner for my family (it’s mom and dad’s thirtieth anniversary today).


Appetizers: cheese and crackers, bruschetta, olive spread

Main course: Barbequed Sea Bass in Beijing Meat Sauce with wild rice,  asparagus and green salad

Dessert: Chocolate-Raspberry Pot Pies

…I’m pretty good in the kitchen, and I’ve made the pot pies – by far the most complicated of these processes – several times before.  Hell yeah.  I am totally the good daughter.


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