Renewed faith in humanity. And sconemanity.

September 26, 2008

So as a reward for being so good on this diet for the past two weeks, I decided that I’d make mini-scones, and then?  I would eat one.  And then go back to the land of all things vegetable.

However, I rationalized, if I was going to cross the threshold into Baked Goods, I wouldn’t be satisfied with just making scones.  Instead, I would make The Ultimate Scones.  Go big or go home.  BUT! I couldn’t find a recipe.  The Internet did his best, but all he could find were half-versions – apricot ginger scone, or apricot white chocolate, or this gem.  (What is the ‘household searchlight’, pray tell?)

So I bucked up and emailed the restaurant.


Hi!  This is a long shot, but… the white-chocolate-apricot-ginger scones I had for breakfast at your establishment were the best I’ve had, ever, anywhere.  Could you be persuaded to share the recipe with me?  I promise I won’t use it for commercial use, or distribute it further, or post it on the internet.  And I would just come and eat them at your restaurant, but sadly, I live in (redacted).

I understand if you can’t, but would truly love it if you might share your culinary genius!

Thank you!

Yvanka Marmalade, Scone Lover


I never really expected that they would email me back, or – heavens – that they would actually SHARE that recipe with me.  But!  But! They did they did!



Thank you for the compliment and of course you can have our recipe. We have attached the recipe for The Campbell House Scones as a word document. Our pastry chef pointed out that to you need to add the following to the while-chocolate-apricot-ginger scones: Add diced dried apricots, diced candied ginger, and a handful of white chocolate chips. Enjoy!

We look forward to having you stay with us again.


The Campbell House Inn.


If you ever need a place to stay in Eugene, OR, please please please patronize this lovely little inn.  They have scones you won’t believe.  And they are kind and generous and shared their plain scone recipe with me and gave me all sorts of lovely little add-in bits and they use the font Americana and I have such anticipation for these lovely scones I can barely wait until they come out of the oven.

With a glass half full (of milk) (to wash down the scones),


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