When you’re tired, take yourself to bed.

October 2, 2008

Or, instead of that, get up insanely early and come learn how to throw a pot.  When a master offers to give you (free!) lessons, you take him up on it  – there is no other feasible option.  Why wouldn’t you?  (Besides having a full-time job, a part-time job and full-time grad school.  Shhh.)  No, but seriously.  This wonderful  artist (he made this bowl) offered to teach me how to play with clay, and even though I’m a busy bee, I can’t wait any longer to do the things that really matter.

That’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of days, and it is honestly so much fun I’m not even fussed when I make a big wonky mistake and knock the clay off the wheel.  It’s just another chance to get a lump ‘o silica-alumina stoneware clay centered and ready.

It’s good, you guys.  I am making some off-kilter container thing ’cause I’m not a skilled potter – at all – but you’ve got to start somewhere.  I’m starting with a doofy-looking, off-center, squat, jar-like deal.  But it’ll become greenware, and then I’ll to get to glaze it, and eventually I’ll remember all the steps in a row, and I can’t wait.

This morning I was trimming – getting rid of the excess clay and making a foot for my little jar on the wheel – and my boss-lady walked into the ceramics room.  She knew I was coming early to play, and wanted to see what it was I was doing.  The artist invited my boss-lady to come and play, too, but she doesn’t have the mental space to fit it in along with the sleep she needs.  She’s in a lower level of Maslow’s heirarchy, right now, fighting for her family and her time and her clarity.

Right now, my life is leisurely and comfortable enough that I can get up an hour early and drive to work to play with clay, to exist in the top third of the heirarchy.  I am priviledged.  I am lucky.  I am grateful.

And I’m coming back tomorrow at 6am.


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