And in unrelated news…

October 14, 2008

Don’t drink juice from Bolthouse Farms.

Also, don’t drink Costco juice, because Costco sources from Bolthouse.

You know what?  This sucks, for two reasons.

Number one: hate sucks.
Number two: their juice is goddamn good.  Probably cause it’s made by virgins and with the blood of the lamb.


Oh, never mind.


Well anyhow, all of that reminds me: I was talking to New Pastor today, we were discussing the general clusterfuckitude of the Christmas season and how I’m gonna want a drink at the end of a particularly church-heavy weekend.  I suggested that I ought just finish off the communion wine on Sunday morning. New Pastor reminded me that we were dipping the bread in the wine, now (intinction), so maybe I would want to bring a sieve to remove the soggy bits.

And then he said, “Floaters of Christ, given for you.”

Thanks be to God.


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