Mean girl.

October 14, 2008

So in one of my business classes, there’s a group project.  My boss-lady and I are going to work together because we, uh, work together.  We’ll work on a project about an organization within the University.

Today, I wrote and submitted our project proposal.  It was due today, and I sent it in before class.  It’s a good proposal, and since it’s based on the organizations we already know, we are ahead of the game.

Another student came up to me before class and asked me if I had a team already.  Well, yes, I said – Boss-Lady and I are working together.  Since we can meet during the day, and we are already familiar with the background and the organizational culture of our business, it’s only logical.  As Boss-Lady then put it, we’re starting on the tenth floor and can take it to the fifteenth.  It would be extremely difficult to bring someone in from the lobby.

I felt badly about refusing – partially as this student is an international student, who may or may not know any other students.  She only knows me because we had another class together (business law), and she complimented me on my grasp of the material on the final class night.  However, Boss-Lady is right – it would be really hard to include another team member.  Then we suggested that this girl check with the professor to see if anyone else was in the same boat.

Also, girl, find a team before the night your proposal is due!  You should have investigated this weeks ago!

So then we’re in class, moments ago, and the professor is asking who has finished their proposal.  (The answer should have been EVERYONE, as it was due tonight.)  Boss-Lady and I raised our hands, as did maybe three of our classmates.  That’s about one third of the class, by the way.

So this girl pipes up about looking for a team, and it turns out she has an idea, a proposal, but nobody volunteers to take her on and work with her on her idea.  Most people have teamed up, even though they haven’t submitted (or even thought about, perhaps) a project proposal.

Then!  Oh, then.  This girl, in the silence of the class, says my name from across the room.  I am startled.  Yes? I reply.

Could I join your team? she asks.  She asks in front of everyone, putting me on the spot – AGAIN! – on behalf of my already-formed team.

I was strong.  I was strong and I said no and I explained why and I felt like a terrible human being and I’m sure I looked like a complete asshole, and Boss-Lady had better want to work with me from here the fuck on out because nobody else will as they’ll all think I’m an elitist buttmunch GODDAMNIT.


I’m sorry, girl.  You should have handled your shit last week, so when we told you ‘no’ you had time to find somebody else.

And also you shouldn’t put people on the spot like that.  Because it makes them feel like the mean girl who doesn’t really want to be the captain of the volleyball team, ’cause picking teams sucks.

But you know what else sucks?  Being put on the spot like that.  I hate that shit.  Don’t do that to people, y’all.  Moral of the story.

Or maybe the moral of the story is that I should have said ‘yes’ because now karma will kick my ass.  Balls.  Sigh.



EDITED TO SAY: You know what?  I am working with Boss-Lady to take some of the burden off of Boss-Lady.  And having this girl in our group would be stress level +15.  So really, I totally saved our butts.  And I am okay with being the asshole if taking that fall will help my Boss-Lady.  Okay.  Justified.  Feeling much better.  Thanks.


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