October 31, 2008

Number one: I just went to check out my site, and my October 30 x365 never auto-published.  So I investigated, and sure ’nuff, it was scheduled to post at 8:04am on Oct 30.  So.  What.  Weird.  I re-saved and BAM, here we are.

Number two: Had a wonderfully fun night with good friends, but I ate some tacos that turned on me in the nighttime.  Not so good for the morningtime.  Plus, when I get the ladytime, I also get the cranky tummybox.  (I hear this goes away once you push a baby out your vodangles.)  So anyhow, ladytime + tummybox pre-disposed to timely crankiness + fish tacos = bad news.  Also it meant I didn’t get into ceramics today to get my throw on, which: balls.  Today was gonna be the day that I made a bowl without knocking it off the bat.  Ah, well.  Monday.

Number three: Last night, in dreamland…

Laquesha, Zsa-Zsa and I went to Oprah’s mansion and stayed in her guest apartment.  In the morning, I got up to find our host – someone was supposed to have given us a wake-up call, but that never happened, and I wanted to make sure we were on time.  Zsa-Zsa was on the couch, with the TV on, wearing a night mask.

The carpeting was mint green and the walls had ornate molding, and it felt like a hotel lobby.  Nobody was around.  It was very quiet.   I tiptoed through a hallway, looked to the left and practically lost my shit.  But it was just a life-sized cardboard cutout of Suze Orman wearing a tennis outfit.

I went outside, and it was time to set up for that afternoon’s Carnivale.  My ex-boyfriend was standing next to the fountain in his tux, bowtie undone, obviously hungover from the night before when he’d gone out to party after his master’s recital.  He walked directly into the spray and opened his arms wide, like he was receiving a benediction.

When I got back to the room, Zsa-Zsa was on the couch, still, eating Jack-in-the-Box.  Laquesha was in the bathroom.  I started my mission again, but I found you, and you poured me a cup of tea and looked into your lap.  You were sad, but resolute, and you sighed a little bit and then said to me, “There is something I must tell you.”

And the alarm went off.


One Response to “Huh.”

  1. Laquesha LoveGoddess Says:

    Greatest. Dream. Ever. Also: weirdest.

    Sorry about your tummybox. 😦 Hope you’re feeling better!

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