Playing catch-up.

November 10, 2008

I suck.

Nov. 4 :: CB.
We played Polly Pockets and dress-up and all sorts of other games, and I taught you to play the piano.  We had a fairly equal admiration of each other.  Now you can kick my ass at the piano, and I have retained a greater portion of admiration for you.

Nov. 5 :: CB.
I remember that you got my mom drunk and nuzzled her neck at a party.  You have a boisterous laugh and a red face, and a protective way of compensating. You are the kind of man who will not be impressed when he finds out I am not into men.

Nov. 6 :: CR.
You told me once that I was one of the most remarkable women you’d ever met.  I am patient with you, because you’re a kind man. It’s also because of your kindness that I don’t get snippy when you assume I’ll do something rather than politely asking for my help.

Nov. 7 :: CT.
You’d rather be thought of as cool than use your authority to influence your congregants for the better.  You emote without passion and speak without thinking, which are not particularly admirable traits in a pastor. When you preach, I am internally encouraging you to do better..  You really need a vacation.

Nov. 8 :: CK.
I wasn’t hitting on you, ‘cause I don’t think you’re sexy.  I do think you’re fun, and I appreciate that even though you were ooked out by your misperception, you gently encouraged me nonetheless.  You’re a hick with a heart, and if we do tequila shots again, I’ll come clean.

Nov. 9 :: CC.
We have something in common: our personal lives remain personal when we’re at work.  In this case, I found out you’re a mormon bishop disguised as a kickass artist, and I’m a gay female church leader.  I hope if you found out my secret, you’d still be cool with me.

Nov. 10 :: Dad.
Everyone I know thinks you are the coolest.  They are absolutely right.  You are the coolest – you are a good, good man, and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.  If I had the money, I’d buy you a sailboat and a lakeside cabin, and I’d enjoy watching you play.

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