I want entire days filled with nothing.

November 15, 2008

When I look at my calendar, I have exactly zero free days until the 26th of December.  The 26th!  Of December!  Each day is filled with some combination of my full-time job, my full-time grad school, my part-time job, rehearsals, concerts, and/or homework.  Even Thanksgiving.

SO I want to hoard the precious hours I have leftover for myself- sit in my room and make jewelry, practice the piano, read a book.  Organize my desk.  Go buy a new bra.  Take a flippin’ nap, for pete’s sake.  But then I’d never see my friends, so those hours are divided between the people I love and trying to get somewhere on my homework.

The consequence is that now I’m at the place where I need some alone time.  It’s very November-y – the feeling of needing to retreat, to hole up – and I recognize that.  It’s normal.  But damn if it isn’t especially strong this year.

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