November 18, 2008

We have to do evaluations so we have something on file that says no, thanks, don’t fire us should the economy keep on tanking.  We’re worth something!  Here, look at this piece of paper– it proves it!

This is a good idea because I haven’t had an annual evaluation yet, and it’s been over a year since I was hired.  My boss-lady has been kicking ass and taking names since 2005, and she’s never been evaluation.  But the Big Boss Man decided that we should start with self-evaluations (ahem, meaning simply that he didn’t want to do it himself, ahem). So!  I did it, yesterday, and I was fairly modest by also honest.  Modest honesty.  Monesty.

There are five categories and checkboxes and a place for comments, and the categories are as follows — copied directly from the form, thank you, including the typo.

Far Exceeds Standards

A level of performance that is consistently superior. Achievements are exceptional.

Above Standards

A level of performance that often surpasses job requirements. Results are above expected level.

Meets Standards

A level of performance that consistantly meets all normal requirements of the position. Progress is fully satisfactory.

Needs Improvement

A level of performance that does not meet all of the job requirements. Substantial improvements needed.

Not Applicable

Not relevant to current position.

(Somebody needs improvement when it comes to spelling!)

Anyhow, I put myself in the ‘Meets’ and ‘Above’ categories for everything — mostly because I don’t need to add any commentary that way.  Also because it’s true.  And also because I need to look good on this piece of paper, and looking TOO good would look bad.  You know?

Right, so I turned it in to my boss-lady, and she was like “NO.  I am OVERRIDING this.  Pretty much all of it.  You are ridiculous.”  I am hoping she means I have undervalued my abilities as an employee of the University — not that she’s about to mark me ‘Needs Improvement’ everywhere.  Dang.

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