December 4, 2008

Two instances:

First, I overestimated my ability to get on here and blog daily.  Yeah, no.  Therefore: x365 is on hiatus ’til December 19 – the final day of finals week.  Then I shall sally forth with my witty repartee all glib and sharp and unrelenting.  Watch out!

Second, my professor overestimated my grade.  I wrote this shitty case study in about twenty minutes – people were calling and knocking even though the office was closed, and my other job called, and blah blah blah I churned a total loser of a paper out and had it ready to turn in and turned it in and gave it up to the powers of paper-grading that be.  Yesterday, the professor turned it back to me–

Interrupted.  My boss-lady just basically told me that in a fight, she’d kick my ass.  I love my job.

Right, so professor hands it back, shaking his head, and said, “You sure do know how to write,” or some other doofus thing.  I cracked up laughing.  I’d earned full points.  I re-read it — it was like reading a stranger’s writing.  Like I’d never seen it before.  Hey, pretty good!

Off to challenge boss-lady to some sort of match.  She’d whoop me at an arm wrestle, but what about a staring contest?  Maybe I could hold my ground.  WE SHALL SEE.


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