Finishing out the movement.

December 12, 2008

Cadence, already!  This semester feels like a goddamn organ concerto – just going onnnn, and onnnnnnn, and onnnnnnnnnn, with a false ending every fourteen seconds.  LET’S BE DONE ALREADY.

I did finish my in-class statistics exam last night.  And it wasn’t as horrid as I expected.  I have the following projects left:

  • Take-home regression analysis (due Friday the 19th)
  • Special project in Statistics (due Friday the 19th)
  • Reading notebook and summary paper in Organizations & Leadership (due Thursday the 18th)
  • Final project (40-pg essay and presentation) in Orgs & L. (due Thursday the 18th)

Wow, that kind of continues to suck, actually.  I’m gonna see if I can knock one or the other out today.  And this weekend isn’t free, either — I have two rehearsals and a concert on Saturday, and a pageant to direct on Sunday.  BUT THEN!  I get to go out for Fancy Dinner!  God I am so excited for that.

Now to put out some small worky fires.  Yuck.


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