Praise be to 2009!

January 5, 2009

Welcome to the future, everybody.  I’m updating my blog at work because there are too many things on my desk and when I have too many things on my desk I disengage entirely.  Oh, let’s go get a cup of coffee and hash it out, shall we, hmm?

Refilled.  Glorious coffee.  In a beautiful, hand-made ceramic mug.  Let me tell you about the first five days of the new year, my friends.  Let’s begin with the Big Fat Feelings.


Glee! Because I passed my statistics class with an A-!  What sort of bullshit miracle strings did some angel have to pull for that to happen?  I don’t know, but I’m not complaining.  Thanks, Angel of Applied Statistical Analysis!  When I get to heaven I’ll buy you a beer.

Apathy! Because I’m back at work, and who wants to come back to work after two weeks off?  Though really, I wasn’t ‘off’ per say — I had church job interfering with a perfectly good  vacation, pretty much every other day or so.  Oh, forty-hour-a-week-job with excellent benefits and fun coworkers, somehow I can’t get excited about you.  And yet I am grateful for your existence especially in these Troubled Economic Times™.

Confusion! Of the ‘why does my thumb still smell like salsa, a week and several washings later?’ variety.  So bizarre.

Pleasure! In both the end of my vacation and the beginning of the school year.  I like routine–I was pretty crappy at being home during the day and getting anything done.  I planned to do a lot of things, like clean my mother-effing room and give some clothes to my sister/goodwill and make a bunch of jewelry.  Instead, I did a lot of gmail chatting, food network viewing and Wii Music record-beating.  But then the evenings, being unencumbered by grad school, were filled with revelry and socialization and movie-watching.  I’m lucky – those can mostly continue through January, ’cause I don’t start Finance and New Venture Management ’til February.  Huzzah!

Political Stirring! Go see Milk.  Now.  It will make you want to pick up a sign and hold a meeting and wear a t-shirt and campaign for hope and change and equal rights.  And if it doesn’t, well then.

Yet Further Glee! Speaking of movies, Emma Thompson is in a new movie and I love her.  I love her, I love her.  And she’s lovely.  And, at the end of January, I want to go see this movie.  (It’s the little things in life that give me glee, apparently.)

Fiscal Irresponsibility! I bought myself some presents, including (but not limited to) this sexy jacket in black and a really cute shell-ish sort of light sporty coat for outside-time, from Eddie Bauer Outlets.  I didn’t need ’em.  I wanted ’em.  Now I have ’em.

Disengagement! About most things, really.  Whatever!

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