Oh hi there.

February 4, 2009

I am the dumbest one y’all know.

Here’s what I did.

I auditioned for a show.

Let’s put that into context. I am a full-time employee at one job, and a .425 FTE employee at another.  That makes me 1.425 employed.  In addition, I am a ‘full-time’ MBA student, which this term means I am taking New Venture Management and Corporate Finance for a total of six credits.  Nine credits is the max load, which means I am .663 a student.  Which brings me to a quantifiable total of 2.088 of a person.

And I auditioned for a show.

It’s my favorite show, though, and Glitterpony auditioned too.  What could I do?  Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor!  Besides, I hoped that I would get cast but I didn’t really think that I would, ’cause the last time I performed in a lead role was 2006, for a friend’s musical theatre workshop.  Every other time I auditioned at the University I got a part that was some variation on ‘soloist in the chorus’ or ‘old lady’, and, unfailingly, backstage conductor/chorusmaster/rehearsal assistant.  So can you blame me for thinking I wouldn’t get a part?

But then HOLY SHIT.  I got the part.  I got the part I wanted, my favorite part in my favorite show.  And GP got HER favorite part in our favorite show.  And all things are magical and wonderful.

Except the part where I remember that I’m already 2.088.

Oh, and I’m taking ceramics lessons in the mornings, again.

Angels in heaven above, protect me from my own foolishness.  Please don’t let me do something ridiculous like take another job or have a health crisis or get into a car accident or get sued.  Let me get through this time without losing my sanity.

Now, this is the only place where I will admit that I’m nervous about this undertaking – you are the people who know of my trepidation.  As far as my family knows, all is hunky-dory and I am a magic lady who just is doing another silly wonderful thing.  I keep telling them, “Wishes may bring problems, such that you regret them – better that, though, than to never get them!”

But here, I can tell you this: yikes.

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