Wow, do I ever suck donkey balls.

February 27, 2009

Blog? Who said what about a blog?  Oh, RIGHT.  Me.

Well, I am a dumbass who takes on ever more projects.  So there’s an excuse.  But really, that’s what it is: an excuse.  But also a blog is not a front-runner in my life.  Me sorries.

Anyhow, rehearsals are going well!  I got a nice compliment from the guy that is playing across from me (who is awesome).  We were talking about our past show experiences, and, you know, I have very few.   This is my first REAL ROLE EVER, and my show-husband was surprised to hear that, and said “You carry yourself like you’ve done this hundreds of times.”  That was a lovely thing to hear from an intimidatingly good actor.

Also, I went on a new-friend-date the other day, and it was LOVELY, and I have definitely made a new friend.  We were chatting last night about all things and sundry, and she told me that she would date me if she were into ladies, because I am perfect.  (!)

So, this perfect professional is gonna try to do a better job keeping in touch, blog-wise.  Wish her luck!


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