April 24, 2009

“Hi, Yvanka, this is (an awesome and sweet guy you know) from Into the Woods. Hey I was, I have just been hired as director for Tom Sawyer the Musical for the Playhouse coming this season. And, we got to talking about production staff, and your name came up as possible musical director. And, I was wondering if you would be interested in being musical director for… this… show! Let’s talk, okay? Please give me a call.”


I was under the impression that to be a musical director for a musical, you had to be able to do certain specific things. I mean, I have a history of directing things (see: church choir) and working with large and diverse groups of people (see: my undergraduate degree), but there is one big fat sticking point:

I can’t play the piano.

You see, generally, to be a music director, you need to plaaaaaaaay.

I’m going to talk to my friend the New Director today and make sure he knows that, um, he’d have to also hire an accompanist. I do have connections for that, but still. Budget!

Also, do I even want to do this? I don’t know! I don’t know this show, I was going to audition for other shows (that I DO know), oh and also something about two jobs and a grad school degree?

God. Ridiculous. Why am I even considering it.


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