I got up late.

When I went to take my lunch out of fridge, I dropped it on my foot.  Since it was chili in a tupperware, the lid popped off.  Chili went everywhere.  And I dropped my coffee.  And chipped the mug.  Chili-coffee-cluster up on the pants, under the fridge.  Welcome, ants, to my floor.  Come on in, clean this shit up.

I went to the store before work and I couldn’t find my fucking wallet.  (It was in the back of my bag, and WHY? I never put it there.  Earlier-times me must’ve wanted to fuck with future-me.)  And while I was searching, my boss-lady called because yet another faculty member FORGOT HOW TO LOG IN TO THE COMPUTERS GAH.

Faculty members = children.

Now.  All y’all keep it under control.  Because I obvs. can’t.


Oh hiiii.

October 1, 2009

Yeah hiiii. It’s, like, practically October and I haven’t been ’round since Ireland.  If you’re a shite blogger and you know it, clap your hands.


Anyhow, I’m in Econ class and I feel like I’ve already contributed my contribution for the day in the form of a correction to an equation, so I’ve tuned out.

Speaking of, HA!  WHO DOES THAT! THIS obnoxious piece of shit Hermione-Granger-esque bitch, THAT’S WHO!  I was always jealous of those kids who could look at something and be all, “you’re missing a quotient” or “shouldn’t there be a negative sign there”  – and now I am one. And it feels awesome.

Pride, the fall.  Probably I’ll just go ahead and fail the rest of the class now.