November 2, 2009

So, I recently developed a pretty substantial crush on a celebrity.  I bet you can guess. No?  Here’s a hint: she’s elegant, tall, beautiful, funny, and like twice my age.

Still nothing?  Oh, you mean that’s approximately every woman I’ve ever had a crush on?

Okay here’s another clue: she’s recently garnering more and more press for her role as the bitingly sarcastic, politically incorrect, horrible-yet-somehow-sympathetic scheming, manipulative villianess in a damn funny new comedy show.  With singing.  And dancing.


I mean, right? Jane Lynch is hot, y'all.

So I’m all sorts of into the awesome that is Jane Lynch.  Here’s a couple of reasons why.


I know you laughed aloud.  (If you didn’t, for some crazy reason, I suggest you go to youtube and search ‘Web Therapy Jane Lynch’ and watch the episode trio called ‘Psycho Analysis’.  In fact, I suggest you do that anyway, ’cause dagnabbit, that’s funny shit.)

In addition, Ms. Lynch is conscientious and hard-working and articulate and seems like a lovely human.  And, this is a first, are you ready? I have a crush on an ACTUAL LESBIAN YOU GUYS. Jane Lynch! Gay lady! Outstanding!


The other day, I was on AfterEllen.com, spending time in the forums, when I came upon the not-particularly-well-written but intriguing question excerpted here:

“…should closeted (to the public/media) celebrities out themselves? Should they come out so people out there can also be brave enough to come out too? Have more open support?”

I personally prefer the approach of quiet acknowledgment of folks like Lily Tomlin and the above-mentioned Jane Lynch.  Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgendered folk – we are all just people, and in my mind, a blaring announcement of orientation isn’t necessary. Celebrities are actors, musicians, activists, politicians first – sexual orientation is just a thread in the overall fabric.  I prefer to be chill about my rainbow fringe, thanks.

Because those who have chosen the loud and proud – Ellen DeGeneres, for example – have done so, others have the freedom to exist relatively normally.  I’m lucky – I live in a place where I *can* be just me.  I can advocate for change by steadfastly and resolutely being myself- a good person, supporting causes for equality, living my life, loving the people I love.  Celebrities can do it in ways that have more impact, simply because they’re more recognizable entities.  But that doesn’t mean they have to.

I think we’re lucky to have both the bravely loud ones and the bravely quiet celebrities to admire.  And I believe it does take courage to just BE gay, without announcing it.  It takes just as much to be yourself, no matter what pieces of your personal definition have the potential to piss off the universe.

And this self has a huge crush on Jane Lynch.  Bring it, universe.


One Response to “Celesbians.”

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