Why are we even voting on this?

November 4, 2009

So, hey, Referendum 71.  Catch up on the sitch with me!


Current results by county.

Ms. Dorothy Snarker’s excellent blog about the votes in both Maine and Washington.

What’s the deal with Maine, by the way? Pot but not equality?  Roll one up and mellow out, y’all.


Things that baffle me about this:

-The ‘Protect Marriage’ campaign, No on 71.  What, exactly, are you protecting marriage from, y’all? Evil gay corruption? The dilution of the good name of marriage? Because there’s no divorce or domestic violence or infidelity among straight couples, no never.  And?  Recall, please, that this is the ‘Everything BUT Marriage’ referendum. We still don’t get marriage – this is domestic partnership and associated rights.  Gun jumpers.

-Where are the voters?  The huge turnout from the presidential election seems to have evaporated.

Hey, my generation!  This is YOU, this is YOU AND ME we’re talking about.  Celebrate Susan B. Anthony, who worked so damn hard to secure a right she never had the opportunity to exercise.  It is our obligation to vote.  It is our civic duty to turn out and say to the cranky old folk who oppose change – no, we will not stand for your bigotry, for your ignorance.  We will not sit around and watch you inhibit progress until you die.  Look, look at the changing climate of our world!  Look at us – we are your friends, your neighbors, your daughters and sons! We are postal workers and musicians and government employees and pastors and human beings. We love, we love well and truly, and we will do so whether or not you approve.

3 Responses to “Why are we even voting on this?”

  1. Molly Says:

    I love that you’re blogging again. You’re on my list now, baby… I’M WATCHING YOU. *spooky music*

    and amen. amen amen AMEN!

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