Sick day.

November 9, 2009

I woke up with a pretty big headache – I’ve had it since yesterday at about three – and aches, and general malaise.  So I called in sick.  If we were being completely honest here, I don’t know how much of that choice stemmed from the desire to just have a damn day already and how much actually came from a desire to get well.  Though, in some small way, aren’t those the same thing?  Good, I thought so.  Thanks for validating my choices.

The headache stuck around though, all day, even though I got some substantial sleep and ate well and drank a lot of water and took ibuprofen and all that crap you do when you don’t feel great.  So it rolled around 4pm and I said, “Self? There’s a 4pm yoga class.  Why don’t you see if you can stretch that headache right out of your brain.”

So I did.  And it did.

It was fucking HARD though, today, let me tell you.  It was downward dog after plank after warrior, and lots of hip and shoulder work.  And then like, a goddamn handstand?  And a pose where you balance on the floor using just your arms and your core and lift the whole rest of you up?  And I was like, “The light within me NAMASTE NAMASTE OH GOD center center center don’t die NAMASTE FUCK.”

Probably the headache ran from the yoga.

Anyhow, the moral of the story is that yoga cures all ills even if your soul is screaming.  And that I am now a stereotypical yupster who looooves it.

But yay: the headache is over and I can go rehearse without fear of punching somebody out.  (Which is good because we’re rehearsing for a church fundraiser.)

Balls.  Let us pray.

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