November 26, 2009

Okay, twelve seconds of whining: I don’t liiiiiike being siiiiiick.  I would much rather be WELL and get to do the things I WANT without feeling DIZZY or HEADACHY.

Done.  Positive things about being sick:

-Hey! I have sick time at work! Huzzah for taking a day off.*
-Hey! I get to do things like call in sick and NOT GO places I DON’T WANT TO GO. Like Thanksgiving Eve service.**

So I’m sick, in case you couldn’t tell, but it’s sort of a working sick.  As in I feel sort of assy but not ultra assy. And I’m not vomiting so it’s not swineish, and I’m feverless so it’s not even flu.  (I typed ‘fly’ at first. It’s not fly either. Not even fly for a white g…irl.  Shit that was dumb moving on.)

Anyhow, I can taste, and walk , and exist and all that, so it’s time to get over it.  One thing sick-related though that I was like WTF about: apparently people with thyroid disease (which: me, and also the number one reason for people to visit my blog.  Well, that and searches for ‘lisa kelly‘ – and by the way, did I tell you, I found out it was Orla Fallon that Grandpa thought looked like me?  WEIRD RIGHT?  End parentheses.)

…apparently people with thyroid disease shouldn’t take cold medicine. Especially cold medicine with pseudophedrine all up ins, because it can fuck with your blood pressure and heart rate and shit.  Which of course I read on the back of the box AFTER I’d taken my second dose of those  savior/demon pills.  No worries, though, ’cause I did a google search (open twenty-four-hours, line up early for doorbusters on Black Friday) and that’s only legit for people with hyPERthyroidism, and I’m definitely in a hyPOthyroidism swing right now. And my heart barely beats anyhow.  We took my pulse today with Grandpa’s fancy machine, and it was 53. So I’m not in danger of a racing heart. Pass the pseudophedrine, maybe it’ll put me in a normal range!  Let’s ROLL.

*I felt like a douche for not going to work this week ’cause even though it’s a little like, “Hey look when I’m gone your workload goes up a million I AM VALUABLE KEEP ME AROUND” it’s also like… exactly the same except replace that capslocked obvious point with “…sorry about that.”
**Yeah about that. The only reason I felt like that was okay was that last time I took a Sunday off was May, and it was to go sing at a different church. And I got a substitute. And before that it was January ’cause I had freakin’ pneumonia.  End excuses.

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