December 8, 2009

This morning, my pipes froze.  And since these things come in threes, my car got a flat, AND wouldn’t shift into first gear.

I was giving my boss-lady a ride to work, so when these complications arose, the two of us had to walk about a half mile to the local high school to borrow her car back from her daughter.  My car is still on the side of the road, about ten blocks from my house.  And I’m wearing a pink-and-green scarf on my head, AT WORK, with my only clean clothes – which happen to be brown cords and a black cardigan.

Tonight, after work, I have to find a way to get my car home, change the tire, and get myself to a dress rehearsal, an hour away, where I have to sing one of the alto solos in Handel’s Messiah.  Which I do not fucking want to do, thank you very much.

But hey: I’m here, I’m alive, and it’s warm in the office.  So that’s nice.

(ps. Every time it’s cold I can’t help but singing this commercial.  Thanks, Top Chef, for introducing me to Erica.  Economical!)


One Response to “Chilly!”

  1. mollyawatson Says:

    *hugs* suck! thankfully, you’re a survivin’ super-human diva. still, though… suck!

    good luck with the car, Handel, and not murdering folks (which is probably what I would be doing). and enjoy the warmth!

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