Sometimes my friends tell me what they are doing with their lives and I get jealous and then envious and then depressed and then I feel old and filled with despair and like I will never accomplish anything.

But I like to practice optimism.

And therefore, inspired by the genius of Maggie Mason, I present to you an ever evolving Life List.


(or, Yvanka’s List of Awesome Shit to Accomplish)

  1. Host a dinner party
  2. Go camping (in a tent)
  3. Publish an academically viable article
  4. Feel comfortable – nay, HOT – in a two-piece bathing suit
  5. Go to a movie alone
  6. Wake up early and sit on my porch with a cup of coffee and read a chapter before I shower
  7. Yoga
  8. Get my Ph.D.
  9. Fall in love
  10. Make sorbet
  11. Attend an outdoor concert
  12. Learn to play more than three chords on the guitar
  13. Learn to play more than three chords on the mandolin
  14. Take a personal day and spend it doing exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it
  15. Make simple syrup
  16. Create something with letterpress
  17. Design my own t-shirt
  18. Learn to read tarot
  19. Perform something from every major Sondheim musical
  20. Take a weekend scooter trip with my dad
  21. Get cast as a lead again
  22. Learn when to stop
  23. Have mind-blowing sex
  24. Buy myself a set of a fabulous pots and pans
  25. Buy myself a diamond
  26. Start a rainy day fund

and one to grow on…

27.  Say yes to something unexpected and exciting.